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eleventyfest things!

So, [community profile] eleventyfest is done! All the entries have been absolutely fantastic -- you can check out the masterlist here! Vids! Art! Podfic! Fic! Icons! Animations! So many Eleven era characters! So much happy/gorgeous/heartbreaking stuff there, and I haven't even got to everything yet. This fandom is awesome quite often! :D

Also! Now we've had the reveal, I can finally say that the wonderful [personal profile] juniperphoenix podficced A pocket full of seeds and made it farrr better than it ever was. It is snazzy and easily accessible and it has a cover! Such a wonderful reading; if you have some spare praise somewhere, please heap it on [personal profile] juniperphoenix. I feel pretty terrible for not having had the time to rec it everywhere properly, but hopefully, I'll get to it. Also link it from every copy of that fic. Hopefully. It's so fantastic. ♥

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