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Title: all i need is a bitter song
Rating: PG [slight psychic/physical h/c]
Characters/Pairing: Clara, Eleven (Clara/Eleven)
Wordcount: ~7500
Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who.
Summary: Defaulting to tea and grapes it was. Clara thought she’d be home by now, but the Doctor wasn’t handling having his memories eaten as well as she’d thought... and the TARDIS just didn’t like her. (Post-Rings of Akhaten h/c.)

AO3 | Teaspoon | LJ

A/N: Cleaned up and fleshed out from the kink meme and this prompt here, re: the consequences of Eleven offering up his memories in Rings of Akhaten. Fic is not as much Eleven h/c as it is a Clara fic with Eleven h/c in it, mostly because... Clara talks a lot?

(Okay, that’s Rings. Now someone else write post-episode H/C for all the other Clara+Eleven episodes so I can read it because there is some fodder... there.)

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Tags: c: eleven, fic, fic: doctor who, p: eleven/clara
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